In order to offer our clients a full range of services with the best expertise possible, we personally collaborate with biostatisticians, regulatory associates, study start-up specialists, data management specialists, innovators, software designers and many others. 

Our Collaborators

Startrials is a Canadian Company that delivers effective and reliable Study-Startup management resulting in faster activation of sites while still providing quality work. Some services offered include:

  • Submission of ethics documents
  • Explanations of the Canadian regulatory framework and the steps to be followed to obtain approval of trials with pharmaceutical drugs, biological drugs, natural health products, and medical devices
  • Preparation and submission of clinical trial applications (CTA) or applications for investigational testing (ITA)
  • Assistance in the preparation of responses to request for clarification
  • Review of drugs, products, or medical device labels to ensure they meet the regulation

Lumedi is a cloud-based software that allows medical researchers to collect high-quality data at any time, from anywhere. By connecting directly with research teams, clinicians and study participants, Lumedi substantially improves patient outcomes. Services include:

  • Study & questionnaire setup on the Lumedi electronic data capture (EDC)
  • Integration with electronic medical records (EMRs), electronic health records (EHRs) and other software systems
  • E-patient consent
  • Case management & secure document storage
  • Custom development or reporting
  • Data migration from current systems
  • Integration to medical devices, internet of things, and wearables

Webility Solutions is a leading software development firm in Ontario, Canada dedicated to building innovative solutions that will tackle the biggest challenges and positively impact people’s well-being. Webility empowers many researchers and clinical care teams to accumulate and analyze large volumes of data, deliver the correct information, and automate monotonous tasks. Core services include:

  • Development of cloud-based, mobile, and web-based apps for any sized organization, and specialization in complex solutions which require that extra bit of creativity and attention.

Launchit Ventures, formed in Canada, is a healthcare focused Venture Studio whose mission is to improve the livelihood and well-being of people through innovation. Launchit Ventures collaborates with different companies to not only provide funding but also works with their Board of Advisors to discuss, develop and foster new ideas.

Partners for Patients was established in 1990 and is proudly serving as a Patient Advocacy Research Organization in 193 countries. The Partners for Patients initiative works to improve the quality, safety, and affordability of health care. The Vision for Partners for Patients is to reduce human suffering and the Mission is to solve humanity’s greatest health and education challenges through Policy-Shaping. By continuously collaborating with passionate medical workers, hospitals, universities, students, local communities and governments all over the world, PFP delivers care to the most marginalized people and places, ensuring all their needs are being met.

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